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Commercial Insurance in Ohio

A Key Player in Your Business

Every business owner knows how valuable their companies are to them no matter what their size. Your business has needs that are different to maintain than your home does, so why take the risk?

Commercial insurance is not only a smart investment for your business in Ohio; it's the smart choice. Some policies you simply cannot go without while others are designed to protect your commercial needs even more. At Smucker Insurance Agency, Inc. in Plain City, OH, we'll help you understand the key points about commercial insurance in Ohio.

Types of Commercial Insurance

Two insurance policies are must-haves for your Ohio business to be legal: Unemployment Insurance and Workers' Compensation. You may be legally required to also buy industry-specific insurance depending on the type of business you run. Auto coverage for commercial vehicles is one example, as it offers more protection than standard auto insurance.

Having additional coverage for your business's specific needs besides legal requirements is highly recommended. A well-placed commercial insurance policy makes the difference between your company scraping to get by and truly succeeding.

Basic types of commercial insurance include:

  • Commercial property - Focusing on your company's physical assets, this kind of policy can help you recover from the loss of property, structure, or assets from natural disasters or theft.
  • Business interruption - This type of insurance plan helps keep your business running if you're recovering from an unforeseen event. It helps pay the bills and recover lost earnings when you need them the most.
  • Liability - An insurance policy that helps protect you from libel, slander, false advertising, and bodily injury at your workplace.

Business owners can purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program as a separate policy.

Your Commercial Partner

As your independent insurance agent, Smucker Insurance Agency, Inc. in Plain City, OH is committed to preparing your business for a worst-case scenario and to come out on top. Contact us by phone or appointment to formulate your commercial insurance strategy today!