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Classic Car Insurance in Ohio

Ohio Classic Car Insurance

Numerous residents of Ohio find a passion for collecting classic cars. These cars are often seen taking a weekend drive or on display at local car shows throughout the state of Ohio. Your classic car may not be a famous sports car but maybe the family car you have owned for a quarter of a century and planned to keep around. Beginning at twenty-five years in age, these classic cars require a lot of time, love, and monetary needs for their upkeep.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles insists that classic cars which qualify for historical tags meet the age requirement, but no certain brand or luxury is required. Because of the broad investment, obtaining a proper insurance policy will give you peace of mind and protect your car. As your insurance agent, we do require that proper storage and maintenance be maintained.


To adequately insure your classic car, the vehicle will need to be housed in a garage or storage shed, preventing damage from weather or other environmental factors. Keeping a classic car outside can host many problems from paint deterioration to other damages within the vehicle. Providing a dry and covered storage space is critical in the maintenance of the vehicle. Several car and garage storage centers are located in Plain City, OH with vacancies.


Like newer vehicles, classic cars require scheduled maintenance and upkeep to maintain their value. Oil changes must be managed and changed regularly, as well as fixing any parts that have expired and need replacing. It is also essential to maintain the cosmetic features of the car, replacing any broken pieces and applying fresh paint to your car when it has faded into older years.

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