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Should Pet Owners Get Renters Insurance?

If you own pets and rent your home, you may have considered a renters insurance policy. In fact, it is growing more common for people with pets to get renters insurance policies for added protection.

If you live in Plain City, OH, Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. can help you understand the benefits of renters insurance for pet owners.

Renters Insurance May Cover Liability

If you have a pet, you are well aware of the risk of bites and scratches to others. In some cases, pet bites lead to serious injuries and medical bills. Renters insurance may offer some liability coverage, especially if your pet is listed in your policy documents.

This policy may also step in to help if your pet damages the home you live in. It relieves you of some liability if the landlord notices pet damage when you move out.

Renters Insurance Could Make You Look Like a Good Tenant

If you are looking for a new home and happen to have renters insurance, a landlord wary of your dog may see that you have a renters insurance policy and allow you to rent. They will see that you are a responsible pet owner and tenant, and they will not have to worry so much about damage to their property.

Renters Insurance Is a Smart Idea for Pet Owners

While both cats and dogs can damage a home, dog owners are especially wise to have renters insurance even if it is not required to rent a home. If you have questions about Plain City, OH renters insurance, check out Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. for additional information about policies available for you.