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Home Insurance Exclusions

When you have purchased home insurance for your Plain City, OH home, you expect it to protect you against all perils. However, just like other insurance coverages, home insurance doesn’t cushion you against all perils — there are exclusions. If you purchase home insurance from Smucker Insurance Agency Inc., you need to understand its exclusions to avoid surprises when filing a claim. Here are the typical exclusions for home insurance — but for broader understanding, refer to your home insurance policy.

Water damage

While home insurance covers water damage resulting from leaking roofs and busted pipes, it won’t cover water damage from water seeping from underground, natural flooding, and sewer backups. As a result, you may need separate coverages to protect your home from these perils. 


Home insurance expects you to take proper care of your home. As such, any damage that occurs from neglect isn’t covered. For instance, a roof leak due to neglect isn’t covered by home insurance. However, if the leak is due to lightning, you should be compensated by your insurer. 

Intentional loss

If you cause intentional damage to your home, homeowner’s insurance won’t cover it. For instance, if you put graffiti on your walls, home insurance won’t compensate you for restoring your home to its original state.

Government actions

If a government action causes damage or loss to your home structure and its contents, home insurance won’t compensate you for the loss. 

Home-based business liability

If you have started a home-based business, you must invest in a commercial insurance policy. Why? Home insurance protects your home structure but not liabilities emanating from your business. For instance, home insurance won’t pay for medical expenses if a customer trips and injures their leg on your home while attending a meeting. 

Would you like to know more about home insurance? Please contact Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. of Plain City, OH for more information. Here, we will help you understand your home insurance policy to know what it covers and what it doesn’t.