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4 Advantages of Umbrella Insurance

The reason you probably have several insurance policies is to protect yourself from unforeseen accidents. Unfortunately, auto, home, and boat insurance, for example, shield you to a certain extent but get depleted in the event of substantial claims, putting your finances in jeopardy. Fortunately, Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. of Plain City, OH, offers umbrella insurance that comes in handy when your conventional insurances run out.

When you buy umbrella insurance from us, here are the benefits you enjoy:

Asset protection

The ultimate intention of umbrella insurance is to protect your assets. If you cause an accident that causes significant bodily injury or property damage to others, your underlying liability insurance may get depleted, leaving you with bills to clear. This could drain your savings or even let go of some of your assets if the bill is enormous. Umbrella insurance, however, protects you from such occurrences, leaving your assets intact. 

Additional coverage

Typical liability coverages don’t cover personal liabilities like slander, arrest, defamation, or libel. Luckily, umbrella insurance covers personal liabilities, protecting your finances when sued by third parties.  

Peace of mind

Like any other insurance, an umbrella insurance policy offers peace of mind from the extra additional liability protection. You can work hard, knowing that no one will come for your assets. Besides, since we live in a litigious society, you don’t have to live on the edge because of fear of being sued.


Now that the policy kicks in when your other policies get depleted, it becomes significantly cheap. You will be surprised how much you part with that additional protection.

Umbrella insurance in Plain City, OH

Don’t wait to be sorry. Instead, protect yourself inside out with umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance is there to give you that complete protection without leaving any gaps. Ready to purchase your umbrella insurance? Talk to Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. for an affordable quote.