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What Qualifies a Classic Car?

What Qualifies a Classic Car?

When we buy cars, we assume they are the classiest cars we could ever own. However, this is not an everyday definition for any Plain City, OH classic car insurance company. Most insurance providers check specific features, traits, and qualities to determine whether a car can be classified as “classic” or not. Some will base their judgment on age, while others will check the value of both to tell whether your car should enter the classic car category or not. If you are not sure whether your car is classic or not, Smucker Insurance Agency Inc will share three outstanding characteristics to help you know.

It’s All About Age

The simplest definition of a classic car is age. The older the car, the "classier "it gets.  According to most experts, it must have stood the test of time for any car to get closer to something classy. Now, age may differ greatly from one insurance company to another. For some, five years is a long time, but for some, it’s 25 years. Most states consider cars above 20 years but not more than 40 years as classic cars.

They Only Appreciate in Value

Classic cars are valuable investments, especially if they are well maintained. Unlike most modern cars, classic cars appreciate, and your insurance company must check its value and insure it based on the agreed value. Their parts are similarly hard to get, and there aren’t many technicians to handle them.

They Should Retain Their Original Shape and Design

A classic car is not your everyday car. It is not the type of car you hop in to take you to work or buy groceries. Classic cars appear in car shows and may be used on rare occasions to travel short distances. That means minimizing mileage and reducing the risk of accidents to maintain the original design. Also, no modern parts should be added.

Do you own a classic car in Plain City, OH and would like to insure it? Smucker Insurance Agency Inc can help you learn everything about your car and find a perfect insurance policy for you. Call us today.