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What Does A Comprehensive Auto Policy Cover

As of 2016, the state of Ohio had almost 8 million drivers. That is a lot of people sharing the roads with you. For most people these days, a car is a significant investment. While the law in Ohio does not require that you carry anything but liability insurance, which protects other drivers in the event of an accident that you cause, it does not require that you protect your vehicle. If you have a car loan, your lender will likely require you to carry both collision and comprehensive insurance. While collision coverage is pretty self-explanatory, you may not know exactly what comprehensive auto insurance is. At the Smucker Insurance Agency, Inc. in Plain City, OH, our knowledgeable team understands all types of auto insurance coverage. We are available to help you understand what a comprehensive auto policy covers. 

A comprehensive insurance policy is often called "other than collision" coverage. Lots of things can happen to your vehicle, and all of them do not involve another vehicle, some of them are beyond your control. Weather is one example of things you can’t control. You can’t always protect your vehicle from the effects of a strong hail or wind storm. Tree limbs and hail can cause a lot of damage. So can a large animal like a deer or moose. Theft and vandalism are also covered by comprehensive insurance. Most comprehensive coverage includes glass coverage, and it is good to have when a stone gets thrown up onto your windshield. 

When you are ready to discuss your auto insurance coverage, the experienced team at Smucker Insurance Agency, Inc. in Plain City, OH will be happy to share their expertise. You can give us a call or stop by our office, and you are welcome to use the online rating tool on our website.