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Why You Should Get Commercial Auto Insurance

If you have a business that requires driving vehicles, whether it’s conducting deliveries or something else entirely, it’s crucial that you have commercial auto insurance. Find out exactly what that means by talking to a qualified insurance agent that provides services to the Marysville and Plain City, OH area, such as the agents at Smucker Insurance Agency, Inc.

How Commercial Auto Insurance Helps Your Business

One of the biggest benefits of having commercial auto insurance is that it will ensure that your business is compliant with state and local laws. In Ohio, it’s required that all business-owned automobiles have insurance on them. This differs somewhat from your average auto insurance so it’s a good idea to learn the details of what’s involved before you sign up for it.

Another huge benefit is that you and your employees will have coverage in the instance an accident occurs while you’re in the company vehicle. It provides coverage not only to individuals but also to the business itself so that you can protect your assets.

Types of Commercial Auto Insurance

This insurance features primary coverage for legal liability and responsibility as well as the cost of protection. You also can look into getting collision and comprehensive types of insurance. Collision covers compensation for damages after an accident, including restoration of the vehicle. Comprehensive covers any repairs that you need for your automobile after a theft, or if severe weather or vandalism causes damage to it. 

Commercial auto insurance can be a tricky matter to figure out. However, if you have someone on your side from a reputable agency such as the Smucker Insurance Agency, Inc. of the greater Plain City, OH area, you’ll be in an excellent position to get the right coverage for your needs.