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Does Home Insurance Cover Lodging After A Major Claim?

Unfortunately, some home owner’s will experience a significant loss and a claim at some point during their life. When this occurs, usually, there is a need for temporary lodging until the claim can be processed, and the repairs or replacement can be acquired. 

Major Claims

Not all insurance policies are the same, but most quality insurance policies will have a provision in the terms and condition that allows for temporary lodging until the claims can be paid. The appropriate measures also need to be taken to restore the living conditions or replace the home that was damaged. Before purchasing a home insurance policy, ask the agent if there is coverage for temporary lodging included. 

Work With The Agent

Those who are searching for home insurance should work directly with an agent to ensure they get the coverage they want and have temporary lodging included in the home insurance policy in case of a major claim. This provision can save the homeowner from additional loss and will give peace of mind. Those who are around the Plain City, OH area should consult with Smucker Insurance Agency, Inc. to get more details on how they can get comprehensive home insurance that they can count on after a covered incident. 

Don’t assume an insurance policy will provide lodging for a home insurance policyholder. Make sure to get a complete rundown of all of the terms and conditions and ask many questions before making a purchase. Those who need top quality insurance products in Plain City, OH should call or stop by Smucker Insurance Agency, Inc. to speak with a knowledgeable representative.