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Umbrella Insurance Facts

Thinking you have enough insurance just because you have insurance could be a costly mistake. Covering yourself beyond the normal is better than getting caught off guard. Umbrella insurance policies are extra coverage that can protect people who have homes, vehicles, businesses, and even those who are renting. If you’re in Plain City, OH or the surrounding area, Smucker Insurance Agency, Inc. can offer you advice and help you purchase umbrella insurance.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is supplemental insurance coverage that begins when your primary policy’s limits have been reached. Once the limits are exhausted, umbrella insurance will step in and cover the rest. If you want security, this coverage can help protect your assets if you’re deemed responsible for an accident. It can even help cover your children if they damage someone else’s property.

How Umbrella Helps You?

Umbrella insurance has liability policies that include property damage and bodily injury. If someone makes a claim against you, costs could easily add up to more than $100,000 with medical bills and legal fees. If you’re at fault, you could be paying those expenses minus your insurance limits. For example, if you have insurance that pays for bodily injury liability, but the limit is $50,000, and the injured party’s injuries are $125,000, then you will pay $75,000 out-of-pocket. Since most people don’t have that kind of cash, the lawsuit could force you to mortgage your home or sell some of your assets. With umbrella coverage, you won’t have to worry about paying that extra amount, and your assets will be safe with the right policy.

The best way to protect yourself and your family is to speak with a representative at Smucker Insurance Agency, Inc. in Plain City, OH about acquiring umbrella insurance.