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Is Renter’s Insurance Really a Need?

Whether you rent a home, apartment, condo or even a room in Plain City, OH, you can benefit from a renter’s insurance policy from Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. Renter’s insurance protects you and your belongings from perils you may face while renting a home or apartment. Here’s how renter’s insurance works to protect you and your personal property.

Personal Property Protection

If your rental home is burglarized or catches on fire while you’re at work or on vacation, renters’ personal property protection will pay to repair or replace your belongings. This saves you from dipping into your savings to replace lost or stolen items out-of-pocket. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably accrued quite a bit of value over the years. Insuring these goods is much cheaper than having to replace them on your own if they were destroyed in a disaster.

Renter’s insurance even protects your goods when you travel. If your laptop gets damaged or stolen while on vacation, renter’s insurance will cover repair or replacement costs, up to the limits of your policy.

Liability Protection

If you like to have people over for dinner or parties, renter’s insurance offers liability protection in case one of your guests has an accident while visiting your property. A slip and fall could result in a concussion or broken bone, leading to hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of medical costs. Liability coverage helps pay for medical expenses of accidental injuries so you’re not held liable for these costs. You can’t predict when an accident will happen but you can be prepared with liability insurance protection.

Renter’s insurance can help offset the risks of renting a home or apartment. For more information on renter’s insurance coverage and costs, contact Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. in Plain City, OH.