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How Much Umbrella Insurance Should I Carry?,

Umbrella Insurance offers extra protection that kicks in when primary insurance policy claims exceed the primary policy limits. Umbrella Insurance limits are much higher than primary insurance limits and remain quite affordable. This type of insurance generally covers the insured’s assets should an unexpected occurrence place them at risk as a defendant in a lawsuit.

Additionally, Umbrella Insurance coverage for those living in and around the Plain City, OH vicinity protects against false arrest, slander, libel, and legal costs, among other concerns. Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. recommends that an Umbrella Insurance applicant determine how much coverage they will need by carefully considering the following factors –

Determine the Value of the Assets 

This is important. Include retirement monies, stock & bonds, property, belongings, and any other asset that may be seized as the result of a lawsuit loss. Umbrella Insurance helps the insured avoid unpredictable jury decisions and even covers legal fees for winning and losing cases.

Define Current Risks

Think about the potential risks as a homeowner or a landlord and, just how likely you are to face a lawsuit given the way in which you live. Are there swimming pools, bicycles or golf carts on the property that may cause property damage or bodily injury? 

At-Risk Drivers

Traditionally riskier drivers, like teenagers or seniors, that are covered by your insurance policy places the insurance policyholder at an elevated risk level — just by their mere presence.

Each insured’s situation differs. For those who live, work and play in and around the Plain City, OH area interested in discussing Umbrella Insurance options, reach out to the insurance professionals at Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. on the Internet or by phone to learn how to appropriately protect one’s assets, today, and in the future.