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How Much Home Insurance Should I have?

What’s the biggest mistake you can make when buying home insurance? You guessed it right. Not purchasing enough home insurance. If you have been buying home insurance, you probably have been renewing the policy without asking whether it’s sufficient for you.

Would your current home insurance cover you if your home was totally damaged? Would your liability coverage protect you optimally if your dog causes injuries to a guest? Answering these questions will help you determine whether you have adequate home insurance. But because home insurance isn’t that straightforward, Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. in Plain City, OH, delves further to help you see if you have sufficient home insurance.

How much dwelling coverage do you need?

Wouldn’t it be awful to discover that your home insurance isn’t enough to build your home after a catastrophe? Luckily, you can avoid falling into that pitfall by buying adequate dwelling coverage. But how much is enough? Well, your dwelling coverage should be enough to cover the replacement cost of your home.

Assume a worst-case scenario. A fire has brought your home into ashes. How much would it cost to rebuild your home? The answer to this question provides a clue as to how much home insurance you need.

How much personal assets coverage should you have?

Just like dwelling coverage, you should have personal property coverage that covers all your belongings minus the deductible. This way, you won’t have to incur out-of-pocket expenses when a disaster causes damage or loss to your assets.

How much liability coverage should you have?

Most homeowners have liability coverage of $100,000, but we advise you to maintain at least $300,000 or $500,000 if you can afford it. This amount cushions you should you or your family member cause property damage or bodily injury to others.  

If you need higher coverage, consider umbrella insurance.

Learn more about home insurance

Still not sure about how much home insurance you should have? If you are in Plain City, OH and its environs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. for more information.

What Should You Know About Classic Car Insurance?

If you are a lucky owner of a classic or antique car, you need to have classic car insurance to protect your precious possession. Definitions of a classic car may vary, but in general, a car is considered classic when it is at least 25 years old. Moreover, this type of insurance also protects such high-value vehicles as vintage military vehicles, hot rods, muscle cars, and luxury vehicles. If you are looking for classic car insurance, here is what you need to know about it:

What Should You Know About Classic Car Insurance?

Classic car insurance is quite an unusual type of insurance. Here are some important things you should know and consider before getting a certain classic car insurance policy: 

  • The coverage of classic car insurance is quite similar to standard auto insurance. Classic car insurance includes such coverages as comprehensive, collision, property damage, and bodily injury liability. Also, classic car insurance pays for restoration or repairs of a classic vehicle that gets damaged. 
  • In order to be qualified for classic insurance, there are certain requirements you need to meet. For example, a classic car cannot be used for everyday driving. There might also be certain mileage limitations, and a vehicle must be stored in a private garage. 
  • The cost of classic insurance depends on certain factors, including the cost of special parts, condition, replacement cost, and the current market value of the vehicle. 

Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. in Plain City, OH – We Will Help You To Protect Your Car

If you own a classic vehicle, having classic car insurance is a must. It helps protect your precious car, as well as you and other drivers on the road. If you are looking for a classic car policy in the state of Ohio, do not hesitate to contact Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. serving clients in Plain City, OH, and other surrounding areas. Our experienced and knowledgeable insurance agents will help you find a policy based on your requirements and needs. 

Should Pet Owners Get Renters Insurance?

If you own pets and rent your home, you may have considered a renters insurance policy. In fact, it is growing more common for people with pets to get renters insurance policies for added protection.

If you live in Plain City, OH, Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. can help you understand the benefits of renters insurance for pet owners.

Renters Insurance May Cover Liability

If you have a pet, you are well aware of the risk of bites and scratches to others. In some cases, pet bites lead to serious injuries and medical bills. Renters insurance may offer some liability coverage, especially if your pet is listed in your policy documents.

This policy may also step in to help if your pet damages the home you live in. It relieves you of some liability if the landlord notices pet damage when you move out.

Renters Insurance Could Make You Look Like a Good Tenant

If you are looking for a new home and happen to have renters insurance, a landlord wary of your dog may see that you have a renters insurance policy and allow you to rent. They will see that you are a responsible pet owner and tenant, and they will not have to worry so much about damage to their property.

Renters Insurance Is a Smart Idea for Pet Owners

While both cats and dogs can damage a home, dog owners are especially wise to have renters insurance even if it is not required to rent a home. If you have questions about Plain City, OH renters insurance, check out Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. for additional information about policies available for you.

4 Advantages of Umbrella Insurance

The reason you probably have several insurance policies is to protect yourself from unforeseen accidents. Unfortunately, auto, home, and boat insurance, for example, shield you to a certain extent but get depleted in the event of substantial claims, putting your finances in jeopardy. Fortunately, Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. of Plain City, OH, offers umbrella insurance that comes in handy when your conventional insurances run out.

When you buy umbrella insurance from us, here are the benefits you enjoy:

Asset protection

The ultimate intention of umbrella insurance is to protect your assets. If you cause an accident that causes significant bodily injury or property damage to others, your underlying liability insurance may get depleted, leaving you with bills to clear. This could drain your savings or even let go of some of your assets if the bill is enormous. Umbrella insurance, however, protects you from such occurrences, leaving your assets intact. 

Additional coverage

Typical liability coverages don’t cover personal liabilities like slander, arrest, defamation, or libel. Luckily, umbrella insurance covers personal liabilities, protecting your finances when sued by third parties.  

Peace of mind

Like any other insurance, an umbrella insurance policy offers peace of mind from the extra additional liability protection. You can work hard, knowing that no one will come for your assets. Besides, since we live in a litigious society, you don’t have to live on the edge because of fear of being sued.


Now that the policy kicks in when your other policies get depleted, it becomes significantly cheap. You will be surprised how much you part with that additional protection.

Umbrella insurance in Plain City, OH

Don’t wait to be sorry. Instead, protect yourself inside out with umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance is there to give you that complete protection without leaving any gaps. Ready to purchase your umbrella insurance? Talk to Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. for an affordable quote. 

Condo Insurance Myths Exposed

Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. offers coverage to Plain City, OH residents. We are an independent insurance agency. For over 40 years, we have helped our clients find the policies they need to minimize risks. We evaluate our client’s unique situation so that we can help them find a policy that closely aligns with their needs.

Condo Insurance Myths Exposed

Condo insurance protects all of your personal belongings inside your Plain City, OH condo. The policy covers your personal items if they are damaged or stolen. The policy also covers any damage to the interior of your unit such as light fixtures. Liability coverage protects you if someone is injured while visiting your property or if you cause property damage. While you search for coverage, here’s the truth about these condo insurance myths.

The Building Owner Covers Everything

This is a common misconception. The building owner only covers damage to the outside structure of the building, as well as common areas such as stairs, hallways, and lobbies. Condo insurance covers the interior structure of your unit; the walls and flooring.

You Have No Emergency Coverage

You can add temporary living coverage to your policy if your condo suffers significant damage. You’ll be protected as you look for another place to stay until your condo is repaired.

I Don’t Have Anything Worth Covering

All of your personal items have value. Think about the stress involved if you have to replace your most important items such as your electronics or refrigerator. Condo insurance covers these items if something happens to them.

Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. Will Help You Protect Your Assets

Visit our website to learn more information about condo insurance.

Required Commercial Insurance in Ohio

Every state mandates which types of commercial insurance that small businesses must have. In Ohio, there are two types of commercial policies that are required for many businesses. If you aren’t sure which are required for you, call us at Smucker Insurance Agency Inc in Plain City, OH.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

One of the required types is workers’ compensation insurance, often simply called workers’ comp. This is an insurance policy that every Ohio business that has employees must have. It’s required no matter how many employees you have. If an employee were to get sick at work due to something on the premises, or an employee were to become injured, workers’ comp pays for the medical bills that result from this. It can also pay the employee for their lost wages if this is necessary. This is an important type of protection for small businesses, and it ensures that your business won’t have to pay the escalating medical costs for an accident or illness. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your Ohio business owns any vehicle, that vehicle has to have a commercial auto insurance policy on it. The state has mandatory minimums for how much you have to have in auto coverage. This includes a set minimum for the property damage that you are liable for as well as for the bodily injuries that you’re judged liable for. These can be high costs, and the set minimum amounts in Ohio are relatively low. It is often recommended that you get more than the minimum amount of coverage to make sure that your business is protected. 

Get Your Business Protected With Commercial Insurance

Every business owner needs to have certain types of insurance for their company. If you don’t have yours yet, call us at Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. in Plain City, OH.

Home Insurance Exclusions

When you have purchased home insurance for your Plain City, OH home, you expect it to protect you against all perils. However, just like other insurance coverages, home insurance doesn’t cushion you against all perils — there are exclusions. If you purchase home insurance from Smucker Insurance Agency Inc., you need to understand its exclusions to avoid surprises when filing a claim. Here are the typical exclusions for home insurance — but for broader understanding, refer to your home insurance policy.

Water damage

While home insurance covers water damage resulting from leaking roofs and busted pipes, it won’t cover water damage from water seeping from underground, natural flooding, and sewer backups. As a result, you may need separate coverages to protect your home from these perils. 


Home insurance expects you to take proper care of your home. As such, any damage that occurs from neglect isn’t covered. For instance, a roof leak due to neglect isn’t covered by home insurance. However, if the leak is due to lightning, you should be compensated by your insurer. 

Intentional loss

If you cause intentional damage to your home, homeowner’s insurance won’t cover it. For instance, if you put graffiti on your walls, home insurance won’t compensate you for restoring your home to its original state.

Government actions

If a government action causes damage or loss to your home structure and its contents, home insurance won’t compensate you for the loss. 

Home-based business liability

If you have started a home-based business, you must invest in a commercial insurance policy. Why? Home insurance protects your home structure but not liabilities emanating from your business. For instance, home insurance won’t pay for medical expenses if a customer trips and injures their leg on your home while attending a meeting. 

Would you like to know more about home insurance? Please contact Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. of Plain City, OH for more information. Here, we will help you understand your home insurance policy to know what it covers and what it doesn’t. 

What Qualifies a Classic Car?

What Qualifies a Classic Car?

When we buy cars, we assume they are the classiest cars we could ever own. However, this is not an everyday definition for any Plain City, OH classic car insurance company. Most insurance providers check specific features, traits, and qualities to determine whether a car can be classified as “classic” or not. Some will base their judgment on age, while others will check the value of both to tell whether your car should enter the classic car category or not. If you are not sure whether your car is classic or not, Smucker Insurance Agency Inc will share three outstanding characteristics to help you know.

It’s All About Age

The simplest definition of a classic car is age. The older the car, the "classier "it gets.  According to most experts, it must have stood the test of time for any car to get closer to something classy. Now, age may differ greatly from one insurance company to another. For some, five years is a long time, but for some, it’s 25 years. Most states consider cars above 20 years but not more than 40 years as classic cars.

They Only Appreciate in Value

Classic cars are valuable investments, especially if they are well maintained. Unlike most modern cars, classic cars appreciate, and your insurance company must check its value and insure it based on the agreed value. Their parts are similarly hard to get, and there aren’t many technicians to handle them.

They Should Retain Their Original Shape and Design

A classic car is not your everyday car. It is not the type of car you hop in to take you to work or buy groceries. Classic cars appear in car shows and may be used on rare occasions to travel short distances. That means minimizing mileage and reducing the risk of accidents to maintain the original design. Also, no modern parts should be added.

Do you own a classic car in Plain City, OH and would like to insure it? Smucker Insurance Agency Inc can help you learn everything about your car and find a perfect insurance policy for you. Call us today.

Who Should Get Renters Insurance In Plain City, OH?

At Smucker Insurance Agency Inc., one of the questions we get from our Plain City, OH clients are: do I really need renters insurance? Am I not covered by the landlord’s policy? In this article, we will delve into renters insurance and establish who needs it.

Who should get renters insurance?

While renters insurance isn’t mandatory in Ohio, some landlords may still want you to carry one before renting their property. This way, the landlord isn’t liable for renters’ responsibilities. If your landlord requires you to obtain renters insurance, they probably have minimum coverage requirements. However, remember, these are just minimums. You need to check with your agent if the coverage gives you maximum protection. 

Even though your landlord doesn’t require you to carry renters insurance, it’s a smart choice to purchase one for the below reasons.

  • Liability coverage: Every renter is exposed to a certain level of liabilities. Ranging from a neighbor’s property damage to causing bodily injury to a third party, renters are often faced with the risk of liabilities. Thankfully, renters insurance covers liabilities, which can be financially draining.
  • Personal belongings’ protection: Do you own furniture? Or perhaps you have electronics and other equipment? Theft, fire, and vandalism can cause unspeakable loss or damage to your assets. But instead of starting from scratch when a loss occurs, renters insurance can compensate you for the loss up to your coverage limit. 
  • Loss of use: If your home is damaged and is unlivable, you will probably seek temporary housing in a hotel. In the process, you will incur accommodation and meal expenses. And because you hadn’t planned for these expenses, they can destabilize your financial position. Thankfully, renters insurance can save the day by compensating you for additional living expenses up to your policy limit.

Do you have renters insurance? If not, get one from Smucker Insurance Agency Inc., serving Plain City, OH, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today and see how much we can save you.

To what primary insurance policies can you add umbrella insurance?

Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. knows that insurance gets a bit complex at times. Umbrella insurance is one of those policies that takes a little explaining. 

Umbrella insurance is a secondary insurance policy. You need to have a qualifying primary policy to obtain umbrella insurance. This can be any one of several policy types, including homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, auto policies, or RV insurance. Any primary policy qualifies you for the secondary insurance of umbrella insurance. 

What exactly does umbrella insurance do?

Your umbrella policy adds coverage to your liability coverage on the primary policy. You must already carry the maximum coverage on the primary policy for liability. Let us say your home policy lets you carry $1 million in liability coverage on your Plain City, OH home. You maximize that coverage, but you want more than that. You would like $2 million of liability coverage because you entertain regularly at your home which has both a swimming pool and trampoline. With so many opportunities for accidental injury, you want the added coverage.

Your Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. can help you obtain an umbrella insurance policy. This provides you the coverage you need. Umbrella only provides liability coverage. It not only extends the coverage you need, but $1 million in umbrella coverage also costs little. Secondary policies typically cost less in premiums.

When an accident does happen, your insurance primary policy covers it first. Once you exhaust the primary policy’s liability coverage, you can access the umbrella policy. That means the accident would have to have caused damages in an amount greater than $1 million. Your primary policy, your homeowner’s insurance, in this case, would pay out the first $1 million. After that, any amount still due to those injured would come out of your umbrella policy.

Let Smucker Insurance Agency Inc. serving Plain City, OH help you obtain the coverage you need. Call us today.